Podcast & Media Interviews

Looking for a high-spirited force who loves speaking on business development, diversity, and empowerment topics? Cortney is your gal who will ignite your audience to take their lives and businesses next level.


Tax Crash Course & Community

For those ready to start making $250 in 20 minutes preparing taxes! Learn the secrets of tax law, the Tax Cheat Code, the Compliance Code, receive a tax certification, hand-on software help, live Q&As and more.


The 4Play to 40K Accelerator

For those ready to supercharge their existing tax business to 40K to 100K+ THIS tax season. You get the inside step-by-step knowledge on the 4 Plays that allowed Cortney to go from $12/hr to over $500k per season.


For those ready to go from 100K to 500K+

Already rocking 100K+ in your tax business? Book some one on one time with Cortney to strategize what will take your business from amazing to phenomenal.



Upcoming retreat in Dallas TX, Summer 2024

This is for all business owners ready to be inspired by Cortney in person to grow to levels beyond their wildest dreams. It’s your time!  


Free Tax Resources!​

Access our Free Library of resources to help start and grow your Tax business

Imagine ditching self-doubt and easily growing your tax business to new heights this tax season with proven resources I've used for my students and in my own tax business.