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My Story

I dropped out of college, then made over $100,000 in 4 months doing taxes.

My mom was my motivation.

She had built a successful real estate business, then lost everything during the 2007-2008 market crash. I knew I had to step up to the plate and bring in income for my family, but I was stuck making 30k a year at my job. Then I met a tax entrepreneur who saw something in me and took me on as his apprentice. In the end, he didn’t pay me even though I brought in over 100 clients to his business, equaling over $25,000.

I used what I learned from him, took the lessons and the loss, and laid it as the foundation to build my company. 2012 I cashed out my 401k and dumped every dollar I had toward my own tax business, Tax Time & Co.

And Now,

Millions in revenue later, my passion is helping you do it too.

God guided me through the struggles & tears so I could triumph for others!

I had every doubt in the book, but I kept grinding, and went from 100k seasons to over 500k seasons with the help of my team. It became clear my calling was to share my blessings by teaching other strong men and women how to enjoy the same level of success.

Ready to learn how to make $250 in 20 minutes filing taxes? YOU ARE capable and worthy of success. Now is your time!

Bev went from making 6k for H&R Block to independently making 200k in one season

Annette went from stuck making 12k for 12 years to breaking 40k per season

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