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About Cortney

The firecracker tax pro who's changing the game

She's got a heart of gold and a knack for making tax preparation not just profitable, but downright exhilarating

With an inspirational story of going from $12/hr to consistent $500k seasons with her business Tax Time & Co, she’s a high-spirited force who loves speaking on business development, diversity, and empowerment topics.

Cortney is available for stage speaking, as well as podcast and media interviews.

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Meet Cortney Rose: Relentless, High-Spirited and Above All Else, Fearless!

- Canvas Rebel

Exploring Life & Business with Cortney Rose of Tax Time & Co.

- Voyage Dallas

She Dropped Out of College, Then Made Over $100k in 4 Months w/ Her Tax Business

- Black Enterprise

“Her mind when it comes to business is like nothing I’ve ever seen before”

- Brother Ben X, entrepreneur, 1m+ followers

“This is a testimonial from somewhere I’ve been featured”

- Name, Role

“This is a testimonial from somewhere I’ve been featured”

- Name, Role


Speaking topics:

From Struggling to Thriving: How to build a lucrative tax business in one season

Unlocking Resilience: Turning setbacks and doubt into financial success

How you can make 40K to 100k+ in 4 months doing taxes, even if you're bad at math

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